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I’ve been thinking about making choices in my life, and so often I feel like life just happens to me. I like what I’m learning about this. I let circumstances rule me instead of realizing that I have options. I can choose how to react to things in my life. It’s empowering, really.
clipped from www.personal-development.com
Why did God make us so fleet-footed? Some would argue it is to
allow us to dodge, duck, and run from responsibility! Why would
anyone want to do that? Well, many people associate responsibility
with duty and obligations, which, in turn, are thought of as burdens.
But personal responsibility is not a burden, it is a blessing.
This becomes clear when we understand that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
responsibility is equated with freedom and power. Once we awaken
to this fact, we become liberated and empowered. Once we become
aware of this truth, we shed our victim mentality and gain the
power to transform ourselves.
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Ellen’s Funny Post

I just read my friend Ellen’s post today–if you want a laugh, hop on over. It’s much more uplifting than my rainy post. She captures ‘age two’ exactly.

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I haven’t posted for a while because, frankly, I’ve been too depressed. But hope has come to me in the form of a new therapist who is working with me on changing my negative thoughts. Turns out, thoughts cause feelings, not the other way around. And my feelings have been leading me around for, well, my  whole life. Mostly I think that feelings happen to me, and then I think about how I feel. But Rational Emotive Therapy (a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) says that you can control your emotions by how you think about what happens to you. I’ve been keeping a log of my negative thoughts and it’s no wonder I feel sad and depressed. My therapist gave me some worksheets where I try to parse out thoughts/ feelings and figure out where the damage coming from. It’s hard work, let me tell you. Yesterday I was sad and depressed and I had a hard time figuring out why. I tried to fill out my worksheets and ended up just sleeping to escape the badness. But I’m hopeful yet. I have to tell myself that I’m not going to be perfect at it right away.

In other news, my class is over and I am relieved. I need all my brain energy to get my thoughts straightened out.  I feel pretty good this morning rain notwithstanding.

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