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This morning I was feeling better than I have all week. I was like, maybe I’m not even sick anymore. So Dan and Sadie and I trooped off to a local State Park and frolicked in the sunshine. Dan and I were kicking a soccer ball around and I was running and then suddenly I couldn’t get my breath. I sounded like a wheeze machine. Then I was like, let’s take a nature hike! And I didn’t follow the hints that maybe I wasn’t ready to be climbing down a steep gorge and then going up the hundred steps back to top. I mean, I HAVE been sick for about 10 days. So off we went into the land where healthy people who haven’t wondered if they have had pneumonia lately can hike up and down the mountain as they please. But by the time we had gone down to the falls and back I was sweating and my whole body felt like I had on one of those heavy blankets they drape over you when you are getting your teeth x-rayed. I got to the car and I could barely keep my head up. Every part of me felt WEARY. I mean, my fingers felt tired.

Maybe I overdid it a teensy little bit. I talked to my dad later and actually said “I can’t talk anymore. I can barely hold up the phone.” Dan snorted at my melodrama from the kitchen. I yelled “I’m serious!” Then I took a 4 hour nap.


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Since I’m beyond remembering what was significant about the post I lost, I’ll just move on. I haven’t been posting for awhile because 1) I’ve been wheezy sick. If I laugh a little bit, I sound like I’ve been smoking for 100 years (and I don’t smoke, except for that one time in college when we were around the campfire and the guys were smoking old-man pipes and reading poetry and being all literary and I took teeny puff–awful putrid stuff–but the guys thought they were so cool at the time…) ANYWAY, I looked up symptoms of pneumonia but as is customary for me, I’m jumping to the worst possible conclusion and really what I have is a lingering cold/cough that half of my town has, so I just should get over myself and stop worrying about the fact that I’ve never been able to spit. I’m serious. I couldn’t hork to save my life. I think it has to do with my irrational fear of throwing up. It is kind of in that same category to me. And I’ve heard that if you have pneumonia, you have to get all that gunk out of your lungs somehow and I’ve been wondering what on earth I’m going to do. I know this is totally gross, and isn’t your body supposed to know how to get the stuff out? Maybe it’s because I didn’t have brothers or something, but every time I try to work up to spitting, my throat closes and I swallow automatically.  Sorry. I hope you weren’t eating.

The number 2) reason I haven’t posted in a while is because it’s spring  break around here, and for this family, that means House Project Time! We have our tax refund money and are in the process of repainting, reflooring and DE-cluttering. In the past two days, Dan has painted the entire living room, dining room, entryway, and main hallway. Including primer and two colors: a lovely cafe latte/cream combo. Thanks to Trish over at Simple Pink for her mad consulting skills, we are on our way to a brand new space. Seriously. She could run one of those shows where the experts go in and look at your space and find stuff somewhere else in your house and make these simple suggestions that you would have NEVER thought of in your life, and BAM. Your house is amazing on a budget. I have long despised my hideous couch, and Trish suggested to switch it out for the cool-looking futon that we have in our spare bedroom. Why didn’t I think of that? It looks incredible in the living room. So we’re really on a roll. And the computer has been down so Dan can paint, and now since he’s done, we’re up and running again. Oh, and also, Trish found a great little computer desk in our garage. Dan had all of his oil changing stuff on this old wooden thing that we’ve had forever, and she said “hey, that would be a great little computer desk.” Oh. MY. Word. It changes the whole look of the living room. She’s amazing, that one.  Thanks again, Trish!!

So to sum up: wheezing, obsessing and redecorating.

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Oh blast. I started a post earlier and forgot to save it. Now I’m all out of energy to finish it.

Like the time in college when I was writing a six page paper straight out of my butt and the computers shut down. Served me right.

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So on Wednesdays I go to Sadie’s school, and after helping her teacher with copying or laminating or cutting or stapling or whatever a Kindergarten teacher needs, I read the class a story. It’s a blast to go in there because all the kids know me, and they joyfully ram me from all sides with their sticky exuberance. They actually form a line to hug me. I see these cute little boys who in, like, two years, will be too cool to show any emotion, and I just cherish it. Five and six year olds are PRECIOUS. They all want to show me what they are working on, and they shove books into my hands so I can read ‘their’ book to the class. Of course Sadie gets a bit possessive of me, and has to sit DIRECTLY on my lap when I’m reading the story, which poses a slight logistical problem. I have to hold the book out around her, make sure SHE sees the pictures first (she gets VERY offended if I show the class the pictures before she gets to see them…) and then turn the pages with my arms out almost straight. But they are the BEST audience. They laugh in all the right places and gasp on cue. I’m all dramatic doing crazy voices and dramatic pauses and wild hand gestures.

This week I got the idea that I would bring in a Charlie and Lola book. For those of you who don’t spend 7 hours a day with the Disney Channel as background noise, Charlie and Lola is this great British cartoon about a big brother who has to take care of his precocious little sister. Go to the link, their accents are CHARMING. So Sadie loves the books, and when I read them to her, I automatically do them in a British accent. “The class will love this,” I thought to myself. You know when an idea sounds good in your head, but when you actually carry it out, you wish you would have thought it through a bit more? Turns out my ‘British’ accent is not so good apparently.

I figured most of the kids would get it, since this age group lives for the Disney channel, and would be familiar with these two English kids. So I tell the class by way of a grand introduction that I will be reading in this accent just like the show. But when I started reading they all looked at me with these puzzled faces. I heard myself then, and realized that the accent wasn’t working AT ALL. I panicked. I got all hot, and then my face went red and I stuttered a little with the words and all the while, they just looked at me with their heads tilted to the side and their little eyebrows furrowed. Suddenly I was aware that there was a new student teacher in the class, also looking at me quizzically. My mind was racing: do I commit to the awful accent? Do I try to drop it slowly? Do I quit cold turkey?

I decided to commit. I finished it out but I don’t think one kid understood what I said. Of course then I obsessed about it, and replayed the whole awful business in my head over and over again. Let it go, Let it go I kept saying to myself afterward, They are Kindergarteners for pete’s sake. So much for being dramatic 🙂

Note to self: stay on this side of the Pond, please.

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Signs of Spring…

Never mind.

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