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There is not enough coffee in the world.

I’m going to go get some more. I heard they have Starbucks downstairs.

I’ll miss working at JBU.


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New House Slide Show

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*Title change: I realized after a thoughtful comment from Marcy that my first title wasn’t quite accurate. So I changed it. Formally, it was “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Thow a Fit.” I think this one is more fitting to the post.

I went to Houghton, NY last weekend REALLY wishing to buy a restored farmhouse built in 1883. We got there, and I got an email from the owner saying they had taken off the market. Much internal drama and conflict ensued. I had dreamed of owning this farmhouse for weeks–even though my rational husband reminded me that nothing was certain, and not to put all of my eggs in that basket. TOO LATE. I was Nancy Drew prowling through the secret passageway that connected this house to the barn across the street which in turn led to a hidden room that once housed ex-slaves on the Underground Railroad. Of course I have no idea if any such passageway exists, but the description of the second-floor screened-in sleeping porch had me at hello.

So instead, we made an offer on the ‘hillside ranch’ in the pictures. But it took me A. LONG. TIME. to readjust my expectations. I’m talking can’t sleep, sitting in the bathroom of the hotel at 3:00am crying, ANGRY at God for not giving me what I wanted. Turns out He gave me what I NEEDED instead. And then He helped me to really really want it. I love it now, and see so many possibilities for it.

The story is much longer, with more drama and resistance and finally peaceful surrender, but the details just might wear you out. I need to mention Dan the Husband Champion at this point, though. About an hour after we looked at and decided on the house in the picture, I started to sulk. He was really excited about the house while I was crossing my arms and hurrumphing. He said “I wish you could be excited about this as I am, but I can see you are having an internal struggle. I’ll let you wrestle it out in your own time.” I love that he said that. He accepted me where I was, and knew that I just needed time to accept this gift we had been given, instead of complaining about what I DIDN’T have. I mean, he could have given me thirty lectures about managing my expectations and how we have never had anything that nice before so I should just be grateful. But he didn’t. He gave me time, and by about 4:30am that morning, I was ready to move in to our funky house, happy and at peace.

We close on June 10th.

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So we’ve been having open houses and applying for loans and having cleaning frenzies, not to mention just having returned from NY where we put an offer on a house, and NOW is the time that Sadie gets the Chicken Pox?! Not that I’m complaining THAT much…at least she’s getting it over with. Here’s my question: what good is getting your kid a CHICKEN POX VACCINE if she still gets anyway??? People say that her case may not be as bad because she had the shot, but I’d like to say that my friend who’s daughter DIDN’T get the shot seems to have a milder case. The two girls are having a pox party as I write this. Since they both have it, her mom and I thought they might as well keep each other company. So they are in an oatmeal bath right now. Poor Sadie was up every two hours last night so uncomfortable. I’m hoping she doesn’t get it as bad as I had it…there wasn’t one ounce of skin showing. I was all pox. I’m talking pox on top of pox. It was hideous.

Anyway, I have a few minutes before I have to clean the house AGAIN. I’m telling you, living in a ‘ready-at-anytime-to show’ house is MADDENING. I’m already domestically challenged as it is (having gone 6 months at a time between bathroom cleanings, and no, I’m not exaggerating!) And now I have to watch EVERY crumb that falls out of the toaster. Though I will say that it’s teaching me some new habits–I’d really like to become the kind of person who notices the squalor I’m living in, and has the motivation to DO something about it. I don’t want to bring my pigpen ways to my new house. Which we will close on at the beginning of June by the way. But more about that later.

We’re showing the house tomorrow, and having an open house on Sunday, and Sadie and Taryn ate blueberry muffins WILLY NILLY at the table and you should see the mess. At least I CARE now. 🙂

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Here’s the REAL reason I haven’t been blogging lately: I’ve known since January 31st that there was a possibility that we might be moving to New York State because of a job that Dan was interested in. For three months now, ALL I have been able to think about is moving back to the Northeast. And I couldn’t talk about it until we were certain that he had procured said job. As I am a verbal processor, all I really wanted to blog about was the waiting, the excitement, the dreams, the possibilities of moving closer to both of our families, and going back to our Alma Mater. (The job Dan got is the Executive Director of Alumni and Church Relations at Houghton College ). But I was sworn to secrecy. So now it’s official. We’re moving to New York state in June. And just to clarify, we will be living in Western NY, NOT the city. New York is a big state. Here is a map.

It’s totally bittersweet. We’ve been here in Arkansas for 11 years, and have people we love so much around us. But it has been hard, especially since Sadie, to only see our families once or twice a year. The minor holidays have been the worst. I get why some people feel depressed around holidays.

So as you can see by my header we’re selling our house. All the work we did over spring break was in preparation for this, and it killed me to not be able to say it. But we’ve painted and rearranged and de-cluttered and you should see our new floors. So tell your friends and spread the word. We need to sell ASAP. We’ll be traveling up to Houghton next weekend for a house-hunting trip (Sadie is beside herself with excitement…she so wants to find a house with an upstairs 🙂

I’ve learned A LOT about waiting these past months. And trying to live in the moment. But that is for another post. Right now, I have to straighten the house in case we get a call. I just wanted to give a quick update.

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